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Let's us open our e-zine with a song by Win Min Htway called " Gypsy's Moe Tain" back in 1970's where there was an age of uncertainty and lost of path to that young generation. In the west came "the gypsy's culture", drifting, drug & running away from reality. In the east, came war & revolt. People lost their home, country & hope and they also drifted like gypsies but in other word called refugees. 

Until now, the phenomenon goes on... gypsies, refugees, drifting, lost of hope, lost of a home and so on... However, let us say, we still have a dream to go on... a dream of peace.... "a gypsy's dreams"

Please be feel free to submit your new ideas & dreams from here with a clear conscious and we hope " the future is in the eye of the dreamers" and so is to speak.. " the art of living dangerously..."

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